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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

First 3 months.

Now, where was I, oh yes, son1 had made his grand entrance into the world. We stayed in hospital just that night and were home by lunchtime the following day. They don't keep you in long, for my part I just wanted to bring him home (I was worried they might mix up the babies >.<)
I couldn't take my eyes of him, my heart was bursting with so much love and joy

I even enjoyed the night feeds. Lol, well, you can with only one child and no work to go to. I remember the 5am feed, watching the sunrise and hearing the birds singing, it was so, so peaceful.

Hehe, that's the good, now the bad. I could not get up out of a chair because the birth displaced my coccix (tailbone), I was like a 70 yr old woman! And ohhhh, how those stitches stung when I went to the loo, brought tears to my eyes >.<

So many people wanted to come visit Loads! and I felt I had to clean the house and have a beautifully presented baby and offer tea and cake. Lol, that lasted all of a couple of days, then I was just so tired I didn't care.

And did I mention the mastitis? Hmm, it hurts like hell. Apparently it's blocked milk ducts/infection. I had this after a month or so of breastfeeding and one breast became twice the size of the other >.< I tried everything to ease the pain, hot flannels, long soaks in the bath, even cabbage leaves. Do NOT do the cabbage leaves unless u want to smell like a compost heap, they do NOT work!

Son1 required a lot of attention. He had this innate ability of falling asleep in my arms while breastfeeding. I would gently place him in his moses basket and go to do some cleaning (ok, ok I mean have a cup of tea then . About 10 mins later, without fail, son1 would start to cry. I would pick him up...silence, put him down...cry, pick up...silence....wait a minute! was this tiny baby playing me?

Well, I don't care what they say, I could not leave my beautiful son crying at so young an age, so yes, I cuddled him back to sleep and the pattern continued, hehe. Even then he wanted so much attention, some things never change. Later on, I realised that some babies/children do NEED more attention then others. The thing is to make it positive and not negative. Anyway, who wouldn't rather cuddle their baby then do the housework ^^?

For sure I would recommend that you enjoy your baby as much as possible. Your baby's needs help create that special bond between you that can never be broken. Nothing else is a priority. The housework can be done at any time. It doesn't hurt if meals are not ready on time or the ironing takes longer to do. What is important is you and your baby, that you are both happy and unstressed. Going for long walks is a pleasure, you get fresh air, exercise and lots of people admiring your baby, it makes you feel so proud and hell, why shouldn't you be proud ;-)